Our factory has two brands, one calledHUAHUI JEWELRY MACHINE , other called KATWAY.

Huahui Jewelry Machine was established in 1990, as a manufacturer, Huahuicontinually strives for product excellence. Twenty years of experience in thetool business has taught us not to overlook any details. And now, ourproduction have been exported to various regions of the world. For a long-time,Huahui has been working to give the clients a reply about their needs and morethan they expect in the shortest time. 

QUALITY AND SERVICE are the constant aims for Huahui, whose products differ fortheir precision and the high quality materials used. 

Huahui production range includes anything and everything for jewellers, suchas: 

Engraving machine, ring stretcher, bracelet stretcher,rolling mill, casting machine,tumblers , hanging motors ect .







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